Product Description

E90 was designed in response to the growing demands of modern architectural systems to improve the quality and safety of the final product, reduce installation time, design uniqueness and release architectural solutions.

The system was designed based on the needs and requirements recorded in projects and companies in the Balkans. One of the advantages of the system is the possibility of installation without scaffolding and, therefore, the independence of its installation from the weather conditions. The drainage of rainwater and water vapor is controlled by the columns.

E90 was designed in the spirit of ETEM’s energy efficient systems, which signal ETEM’s desire to create new products taking into account energy efficiency, sustainable development parameters that help improve living conditions in business premises.

E90 system offers:
• Easy, fast and economical installation without scaffolding
• Ability to implement complex units with different types of materials
• Variety of investment solutions
• Uniqueness and complete freedom of solutions
• Possibility of combining different materials – glass, ceramic, etalbond, HPL, stone, photovoltaic panels
• Dependence on weather conditions during installation
• Open system – can be adapted to the specific needs of each project

Modular – Prefabricated frames

System type Facade system with prefabricated frames.
Exterior appearance conventional with pressure plate
Visible width inside 90mm
Depth of vertical columns 139-140mm
Depth of horizontal sleepers 64-136mm