Product Description

The E1000 is designed to meet all modern requirements in a building, in terms of construction, technology, and aesthetics, but without exceeding the budgeted cost. 

Functional and complete in terms of available typologies, the system offers a choice between a variety of profiles for the construction of curves and straight profiles.

Ε1000 is a system of 40 mm and 48 mm sheets (for straight and pompous profiles, respectively) that meets all quality standards and is certified according to the strictest European standards. 

Finally, the system offers a wide range of accessories designed by ETEM and guarantee long-term functionality and durability.

Ε1000 offers:
• High aesthetics and functionality 
• Financially attractive solutions
• Safe constructions
• Multiple solutions, especially for main entrances
• Increased tightness 
• Possibility of electrostatic painting in any shade of RAL, special wood imitation designs and other surface treatment methods-anodizing

• Single-leaf and double-leaf doors
• Single-leaf and double-leaf sloping windows 
• Single and double leaf sliding balcony doors
• Doors and windows combined with fixed frames
• Complex corner constructions
• Multi-leaf accordion
• Showcases

Thermal insulation, EN 10077-2 –
Waterproofing, EN 12208 9A
Air permeability, EN 12207 4
Resistance to wind pressure, EN 12210 C4
Sound insulation, 34-38db
Anti-burglar protection –

Fixed frame (min. depth) 40mm
Sheet frame (min. depth) 47,5mm
Min. height – Fixed frame and sheet 93,5mm
Glazing thickness 6mm to 22mm
Max. sheet width (mm) x sheet height (mm) 1400×1700
Sheet width (mm) x Max. sheet height (mm) 950×2200
Max. sheet weight (kg) 100Kgr