Product Description

The E32 is a sliding thermal insulation system, which is characterized as the most economical choice on the market in its category, while it is the ideal choice for the replacement of old frames.

With smart design, simpler components and the lowest cross-sectional weight in its class, the E32 system offers easier and faster assembly and installation compared to other similar products. Therefore, the manufacturer benefits from the reduced installation time required, keeping the workflow smooth.

The sheets of the system, with a width of 32mm and polyamides from 16mm to 28mm, are ideal for medium-sized openings. The innovative design of the system with features such as narrow guides width from 76mm to 107mm and height 31mm, make it ideal for the replacement of old sliding recessed frames. The stainless steel guide at the bottom of the window guarantees easy, smooth and seamless operation of the window. 

The wide variety of typologies offered by the E32 system, allows its application in all building applications.


  • Single-leaf, two-leaf, three-leaf and four-leaf
  • Horizontal sliding, meeting stile, recessed 
  • Incorporation of screen or shutter 
Air permeability:Class 4
Waterproofing: Class 5A
Resistance to wind pressure: Class B1
Thermal permeability:Uf= 3.2 W/m2.K