E38 ECS *Energy Conservation Systems

Product Description

E38 is a revolutionary openable thermal insulation system designed to perfectly combine quality with improved insulation features for the end user while increasing productivity for the aluminum manufacturer and reducing the time required to assemble a door or window.

The E38 is a system that offers all the advantages of an aluminum thermal insulation system for small to medium frames in the most economical way.

E38 offers:
• Affordable solutions for all common types of folding frames
• Maximum security as it can accept multiple perimeter locks
• Soundproofing in noisy urban areas
• Optimal waterproofing even in adverse weather conditions
• Effective thermal insulation, resulting in no water vapor forming on the inside of the frame
• Electrostatic painting in any RAL shade, special wood imitation designs and other surface treatment methods – anodizing

• Double leaf opening window
• Double-leaf pop-up window with a fixed leaf

Thermal insulation, EN 10077-2 2.9-3.5 W / m2K
Waterproofing, EN 12208 E1050
Air permeability, EN 12207 Category 4
Wind pressure resistance, EN 12210 Class C5
Soundproofing Under certification
Anti-Burglar protection –

Fixed frame (depth) 50 mm
Leaf frame (depth) 58 mm
Min. height – Fixed frame and sheet 102.5 mm
Glazing thickness 23 mm to 36 mm
Max. sheet width (mm) x sheet height (mm) 1600 x 1700
Sheet width (mm) x max. sheet height (mm) 950 x 2200
Max. leaf weight (kg) 140 kg