Product Description

The new E39 Thermal Insulation system of ETEM is suitable for the construction of folding doors and windows as well as the construction of folding frames with high height.  

It has aluminum profiles in a straight line. Provides the ability to fold the sheets on the inside or outside with complete sealing due to the double row of tires available.

The E39 Folding offers:
• High quality components made of aluminum and inox.
• Four different ways of applying the folding construction on the floor.
• The use of the additional profile E-39604 increases the airtightness and the waterproofing.
•Appropriate solutions for structures protected from chute.
•External wheel diameter 40mm that offers us easy rolling.
• The chassis to which the wheels are attached is made of solid anodized aluminum and can withstand heavy weights.
• The roller shaft is fixed on the chassis, nailed. It has no gambling and thus offers us proper operation.
• The height of the hinge is large, the shaft and the screws of the hinge are made of stainless steel and do not oxidize. The locking handles have a short height (14mm) resulting in less space in case the folding window is folded.
• Easy installation: using alignment accessories (regulators) and with the use of special profiles for the leveling of the candles.   

• Possibility of frame constructions with single or yoke number of sheets.
• Sheet construction with equal widths 

• System with basic sheet width 50mm.
•Overall wall thickness of profiles from 1,4mm.
• Powerful upper guide that gradually reaches a thickness of 2,5mm. 
• 16 mm wide polyamides.
• Possibility of customizing glass from 8mm to 35mm.
• Total number of profiles 13.
• Maximum sheet dimensions.
• Width 1000mm
• Height 2800mm
• Maximum weight per sheet 110 kg