Product Description

One of the most advanced and optimized solutions, which combines both the standard operation of sliding and the frames with a lifting mechanism. The E50 is considered by ETEM partners to be the top system in its class. With unique features for such an elegant solution, it allows the incorporation of sheets weighing up to 400kg, making it suitable for a variety of applications. Thanks to the carefully designed “Hotel type” solution, the E50 ensures rich natural light inside the building, but at the same time reduces the cost of construction materials.  The idea of a ”single frame perimeter” ensures quick assembly and easy installation. The ability to integrate glass up to 34mm, combined with the ability to receive large loads, allows the application of specially complex glazing structures for higher levels of safety and sound reduction.

Ideal for both residential and commercial projects such as villas, restaurants, hotels and more.

  • Single-leaf, double-leaf, triple-leaf sliding 
  • Recessed slides with sieve and shutter
  • Special sliding ”Hotel type”, with a combination of fixed part and sliding 

Air permeability: Class 4

Waterproofing: Class 9A 

Resistance to wind pressure: Class B2

Sound insulation: Rw=41dB

Thermal permeability: Uf = 2,04 W/m2⋅K