E50 ECS *Energy Conservation Systems

Product Description

E50 is one of the most modern sliding thermal insulation systems of ETEM. Designed for medium and large openings, the E50 combines the trends of modern aesthetics with the needs arising from the strict specifications for energy saving.

When designing the E50, we took into account the need for more light inside the building, ease of use and operation of the frame, safety and energy savings as well as protection from severe weather.

The E50 is a system designed to meet a very wide range of requirements, both in existing and new buildings where due to the existence of medium and large openings, we need to use systems that provide the necessary rigidity and strength from the heavy weights resulting in large openings. , while at the same time they are discreet enough to be used in smaller windows.
With a gender width of 50mm, the E50 is a robust system, with excellent thermal insulation and waterproofing characteristics that enable the implementation of the majority of residential and professional constructions.

E50 offers:
• Ability to create durable structures for large and medium-sized openings
• High aesthetic result, in rectangular cross sections.
• Low guide height (45mm)
• Optimal tightness
• Smooth and safe use thanks to the special mechanisms used
• Excellent sealing in multiple places with tires
• Possibility of electrostatic painting in any RAL shade, special woodgrain designs and other surface treatment methods – anodizing
• Special external sink for fast water drainage

• Double-leaf, superimposed sliding frames, with or without sieve
• Three-leaf and four-leaf, superimposed sliding frames
• Three-leaf superimposed sliding frames
• Single leaf, recessed glass-shutter, with or without sieve
• Double leaf, recessed glass-shutter, with or without sieve
• Single leaf, recessed glass, with or without sieve, with external shutter
• Double leaf, recessed glass, with or without sieve, with external shutter

Fixed frame (minimum depth) 50mm
Sheet frame (minimum depth) 81.5mm
Min. height – Fixed frame and sheet 45mm
Glazing thickness up to 26mm
Max. sheet width (mm) x sheet height (mm) 2000 × 2300
Sheet width (mm) x Max. sheet height (mm) 1600 × 2500
Max. leaf weight (kg) 100Kgr