Product Description

Robust and elegant solution of aluminum systems with a highly successful thermal insulation system. Glazing thickness up to 28mm and possibility of sliding up to 200kg per sheet. Large variety of available typologies, such as sliding with sieve and shutter. 

Ideal for homes, but often chosen for hotels, villas, commercial buildings.  

  • Single-leaf, double-leaf, triple-leaf sliding  
  • Recessed slides with sieve and shutter
  • Quad sliding in double guide 
Air permeability:Class 4
Waterproofing: Class E1050
Resistance to wind pressure: Class C5
Sound insulation:Rw=36dB
Thermal permeability:Uf = 2,0 W/m2⋅K
Thermal permeability:Uf = 3,0 W/m2⋅K
Burglar protection: RC2