Product Description

The new generation of ETEM Security Systems offers protection against vandalism with anti-burglary systems as well as from light weapons attacks with armored systems.

The advantage of the entire ETEM product line stems from the ability to use the same appearance and functionality throughout the construction. In some applications, such as banks, insurance companies or even post offices, where in some parts of the construction the use of systems with additional protection is required, ETEM offers complete solutions for each application.

ETEM anti-burglar systems cover a range of products, such as opening and sliding systems, door and main entrance systems and glazing systems. ETEM, certified by the IFT Rosenheim Institute, offers anti-burglary protection up to WK3 for doors and windows and up to WK4 for glass curtain applications. The security classes are determined according to the type of burglar and the burglary method and range between WK1 and WK4.

Class WK3 corresponds to the case where the burglar uses his body weight and simple tools such as screwdrivers, pliers and small axes to attempt to break into locked and locked components.

Class WK4 involves experienced burglars who may use both cutting and impact tools, such as pickaxes, crowbars, hammers and chisels, and possibly a cordless drill.

In projects where shielding is required, in addition to burglary protection, ETEM offers the shielded E85 facade glass curtain with anti-ballistic certification FB4. With features such as shielded aluminum, special alloy couplings and certified glass, the E85 is a robust, widely used system that offers high safety and protection without compromising the overall design, functionality and energy saving characteristics of glazing systems of ETEM.