E52 ECS *Energy Conservation Systems

Product Description

E52 is a sliding system that belongs to the new generation of thermal break systems of ETEM and offers excellent thermal and sound insulation characteristics in its category.

The E52, designed to meet aesthetic and functional needs, offers a wide range of profiles, in a straight and pompous line, which give the flexibility to build a variety of typologies.

E52 is a 38 mm leaf system and ideal for medium to large openings. Its innovative design with features such as the use of polyamides up to 34 mm wide, the ability of the system to accept heavy glass thanks to the use of INOX guides that ensure durability and functionality as well as the ability to build frames with anti-burglary certification, combined with Its very good technical characteristics make the E52 an excellent choice for a sliding thermal insulation system.

E52 offers:
• Ability to create durable structures for large and medium-sized openings
• Flawless end result, in a straight line or square shape, mainly due to the wide range of profiles
• Increased security with three-point locks
• Optimal tightness
• Smooth and safe use thanks to the special mechanisms used
• Possibility of electrostatic painting in any RAL shade, special woodgrain designs and other surface treatment methods – anodizing

• Double-leaf, superimposed sliding frames, with or without sieve
• Three-leaf and four-leaf, superimposed sliding frames
• Three-leaf superimposed sliding frames
• Single leaf, recessed glass-shutter, with or without sieve
• Double leaf, recessed glass-shutter, with or without sieve
• Single leaf, recessed glass, with or without sieve, with external shutter
• Double leaf, recessed glass, with or without sieve, with external shutter

Fixed frame (minimum depth) 38 mm
Min. sheet height 100 mm
Min. driver height 43.7 mm
Glazing thickness 20-26 mm
Max. sheet width (mm) x sheet height (mm) 1700 x 2200
Sheet width (mm) x Max. sheet height (mm) 1000 x 2400