Product Description

The series of roll systems of ETEM is offered in a wide range of dimensions, for boxes and leaflets, from 145 mm x 150 mm (HxW) to 245 mm x 315mm (HxW) for the boxes and from 26 mm to 55.4 mm for the leaflets ( visible height).

This range of dimensions allows to meet all the requirements in the design of the facades of the building.

Aiming at durability and long-lasting operation, our design uses a combination of innovations, such as components that allow the leaflets to move smoothly and evenly inside the box housing, as well as specially reinforced profiles where the roller is subjected to the greatest stress. This ensures durability and smooth operation over time while reducing noise.

  • Houses
  • Commercial projects

Maximum roll height (depending on the leaflet) up to 2.40 m

Maximum width up to 3.5 m