Product Description

The E8000 is designed to successfully meet any architectural or construction requirement. It is designed based on modern concepts of functionality, thus ensuring high levels of thermal insulation and sound reduction.
It is reliable and especially preferred for the construction of large projects – shopping malls, airports, stations, etc. The system offers excellent seismic protection and meets all modern construction and technical specifications.
The only feature of the E8000 is the “cassette” structure on a conventional system with columns and crossbeams. Thus, openings projected or opened parallel to the frame are allowed, with the same external appearance as the fixed frames. Inside the palaces, the system allows the use of materials of various types while, outside, there is the possibility of harmonious combination of the E8000 with photovoltaic panels and canopy systems.

E800 offers:

• Wide range of main profiles, thus allowing the best possible selection of the appropriate profile for each project

• Large variety of sheets of various shapes and functions

• The connection between the cassettes and the main construction is made by placing fuses, thus allowing the assumption of dynamic loads.

• Opening parts

• Ability to use different types of materials in the frames – glass, Etalbond (R), fiber reinforced cement boards, HPL

• Ability to use photovoltaic panels

• Special accessories – systems for placing awnings in front of the glass curtain

• Possibility of implementing complex constructions and roofs

• Increased drainage capacity thanks to its design

• All the necessary elements that ensure the marking of the glass curtain with the CE marking

E8000 is available in three different exterior styles:
• Structural facade
• Semi-structural facade
• Classic front – four side covers

System type Facade system with columns and sleepers
External appearance structural glazing, conventional with lids (semi-structural glazing)
Visible width inside 60 mm
Depth of vertical columns 50-170 mm
Depth of horizontal sleepers 20-88.5 mm

Color chart