Product Description

E85 is a modern system of glass curtains of the latest technology designed with “column – traverse” architecture. It is the result of 2.5 years of research, during which the know-how of technology and energy efficiency characteristics was combined with the current and future requirements for the construction of buildings.

The design of the system with columns 50 mm wide ensures full compliance with the strictest international standards as well as high levels of thermal insulation and waterproofing.

E85 is a complete system that includes different construction solutions, thus allowing the architect to design outside the conventional constraints. With the E85 it is possible and easy to build atriums, domes, pyramids, corner and curved structures.

The certifications received by the system, from accredited European laboratories according to European and American standards, prove that the E85 is one of the leading facade systems on the market.

The E85 offers:
• Solutions for all modern architectural applications
• Possibility of combination with modern materials (photovoltaic systems, Etalbond composite panels, etc.) for the construction of the entire exterior of the building
• Excellent thermal insulation, ideal waterproofing and air tightness
• Optimal use of materials, thus offering the best possible quality / cost ratio
• Wide range of certified accessories and special mechanisms
• All the necessary elements that ensure the marking of the glass curtain with the CE marking
• Possibility of electrostatic painting in any RAL shade, special woodgrain designs and other surface treatment methods – anodizing

Available in four different exterior styles:
• Four sides with lid
• Horizontal side with lid – vertical structural side
• Horizontal structural side – vertical side with lid
• Four structural sides

System type Facade system with columns and sleepers
External appearance “structural glazing”, conventional with pressure plate
Visible width inside 50 mm
Depth of vertical columns 50-230 mm
Depth of horizontal sleepers 6-235 mm