Product Description

The E85 AntiVandal is a glass curtain system specially designed to offer high protection against burglary as well as anti-ballistic protection.

E85 AntiVandal is mainly used in commercial applications, such as banks, post offices and others, where the protection of premises is a primary concern. The E85 AntiVandal, in combination with the corresponding glass, offers a wide range of protection, WK2, WK3 and WK4 for burglary as well as FB4 anti-ballistic protection.

E85 AntiVandal is a glazing system with a 50 mm column with excellent performance and durability, which is compatible with all ETEM Architectural systems.

E85 is a modern system that has been successfully applied to projects in more than 15 countries and offers complete construction and architectural solutions.

The Ε 85 system offers:
• solutions for all modern architectural applications
• capability of being combined with modern materials (photovoltaic systems, composite Etalbond panels, etc.) for the construction of the entire outer shell of a building
• excellent thermal insulation, ideal water-tightness and wind-tightness
• optimum use of the material, which ensures the best quality/cost ratio
• wide range of certified accessories and special mechanisms
• all the necessary elements to ensure that the curtain wall can receive the CE mark
• capability of powder painting in any RAL color, special woodgrain patterns and other surface processing methods – anodizing

It comes in four different external forms:
• Four sides with a cap
• Horizontal side with a cap – vertical side, structural
• Horizontal side, structural – vertical side with a cap
• Four sides, structural

System Type Stick Façade System
External aesthetics Glass Wall (structural glazing), Aluminum glazing beads (pressure plate)
Interior visible width 50mm
Depth vertical mullions 50-230mm
Depth Horizontal Transoms 6-235mm