Product Description

ETEM Ventilated Facade Systems (VFS) have been developed to allow the safe installation of various facade materials in the building shell.
All ventilated facade systems are designed based on the provision of integrated solutions with ETEM systems, an approach that we follow and which consists of construction processes and regulations and aims to create architectural systems with the highest possible degree of security, optimal design and ease in use.

Applicable standards and European regulations apply. With all its systems, ETEM guarantees energy savings and efficiency, excellent external appearance, natural ventilation and fast installation.
The Bravo system was designed for the installation of composite materials and sheet metal by applying the most successful principle of suspended panels.
Bravo is the optimal solution for large and flat facades, ensuring fast and safe installation of composite panel cassettes and the optimal response to thermal expansion of the material.

E97 BRAVO offers:

• Unique design that combines main support profiles with angled arms (L-shaped) for wall support
• More than 30 types of arms, from 40 mm to 300 mm long, which ensure the alignment of the front material while eliminating the irregularities of the construction base
• Ability to adjust to 3 dimensions, thus facilitating installation

Materials suitable for installation:

• Complex materials
• Metal sheets

Mounting method: hooks