Product Description

System of prefabricated glass curtains with a front of a combination of 99mm cross sections

Ideal for very tall buildings (eg skyscrapers)

Complies with strict standards of structural stability and energy saving 

The E99 system offers:

Complete pre-manufacture of individual components at the factory
quick installation
Ability to adapt to complex building geometries
No scaffolding required

  • Exterior with aluminum elements
  • Use double or triple glazing
  • Specially designed combinations of solutions for different slopes
  • Five levels of water runoff control
  • Possibility of integrating different facade materials, such as glass, metal sheets and composite panels

Air permeability: Class A4
Waterproofing: Class RE 1500
Wind resistance: Design load – 2400Pa, Safety load – 3600Pa
Heat permeability: Uf = 2.4 W / m2⋅K