Product Description

ES70 is a top sliding system with a lifting mechanism, ideal for overlapping frames of large openings, with high requirements of aesthetics, functionality and thermal insulation. As one of the most developed and optimized solutions with lifting mechanism, the ES70 is considered by our partners as the best system in its class.

The ES70 can accept a sheet weight of up to 440 kg, covering a wide range of openings. Thanks to the carefully designed solution “retractable with fixed” (Hotel type), the ES70 ensures maximum natural light inside the building, as well as limiting the required materials.

The idea of ​​a “single frame around the perimeter” ensures fast construction and reduction of the fira. The product has solutions with both low guides and a narrow hook at the point of overlap. The possibility of installing glass with a maximum thickness of 52mm in combination with the load-bearing capacity of the system, allow the application of triplex glazing, processed or even thick, resulting in improved safety, sound insulation and waterproofing. 

The sleek design of the ES70, with flat cross-sections, is ideal for both home and commercial projects. 

  • Single-leaf, three-leaf, four-leaf superimposed retractable
  • Single-leaf retractable with fixed (Hotel type)
  • Low guide solution with a height of only 25mm
  • Built-in screen solution


Air permeability:
Class 4
Class Ε750
Resistance to wind pressure:
Class C5
Thermal conductivity (Uf):
from 2,73 W/(m2⋅K)