Product Description

The system is designed for the installation of heavy cladding materials with a thickness exceeding 35mm. The profiles and fittings are made to withstand the high pressures due to the weight of the lining materials, which can reach up to 90 kg/m2.

Anchors are used in the Forte ventilated facade system to ensure the connection of the facade material to the main supporting body of the system.

Self-drilling anchor technology involves drilling and placing the anchor on the back (invisible) part of the facade material.

• Single front without visible fasteners
• Wide variety of sizes, designs and facade panels
• The system of secure anchors guarantees maximum safety when fastening the cladding materials
• Choice of using cladding materials up to 35mm thick
•Use of facade materials weighing to 90 kg/m2

• Ceramic tiles
• Stone
• Artificial stone
• Transparent concrete