Product Description

Forte Light is designed for the invisible placement of thin and slick facade materials. This is one of the ventilated facade systems that uses self-drilling anchors. 

Self-drilling anchors, fittings and cross-sections of the system allow the safe installation of a wide range of cladding materials with a thickness not exceeding 25mm.

Self-drilling anchor technology involves drilling and placing the anchor on the back (invisible) part of the facade material.

• Single front without visible fasteners
• Wide variety of sizes, designs and facade panels
• The system of secure anchors guarantees maximum safety when fastening the cladding materials
• Choice of using cladding materials up to 25mm thick
• Allows accurate alignment of any coating material 

• Ceramic tiles 
• Glass
• High pressure surface coatings (HPL)
• Fiber cement 
• Stone
• Artificial Stone
•Composite mineral material 
• Concrete reinforced with glass fibers 
• GFRP (glass fiber reinforced polymers)
• Transparent concrete