New Typology E45 For Opening System With Hidden Sheet

Product Description

The new E45 typology, for a folding system with a double-leaf hidden leaf, is available and brings the harmony you need!
With the lowest frame height of the market in its category, it gives the necessary harmony to the appearance of the buildings, at the same time with the easiest access. With the strongest certifications in its class, it ensures the quality of Etem you know.

You will need the new products:

  • profile with code E45560
  • accessory “Double leaf cap” with code ΕΤ 074556.00

Using these new materials together with the existing profiles and components of the E45 system, you can build the typology “double leaf opening with hidden leaf” without special treatments.

The system has the lowest frame height with hidden leaf – 66mm – in relation to the other thermal insulation opening systems of its category, circulating in the market. This makes access easier. The composite cross section sheet – new bini E45560 – sheet is certified in terms of thermal insulation characteristics by the notified Istituto Giordano, achieving performance Uf = 2.55 W / (m2 * K)


Etem is the first company to design and manufacture aluminum systems in Greece, with almost 50 years of operation. With half a century of experience and continuous training of its People, it has developed a very strong know-how. This means:

  • Innovative products
  • Top quality products and services
  • Product durability over time
  • Strong after sales service

Etem, in addition to a wide range of standard systems, is able to design and produce solutions tailored to each customer to meet the most specific need. Provides 360⁰ solution, from the profile and the accessory, to the lock and the knob.

Ε45 offers:
•High energy savings (thermal insulation) thanks to the low values ​​of the Uf index
• Excellent waterproofing and sound insulation characteristics in its category (width 60 mm)
•Profiles in a straight line
•Perfect quality / cost ratio
•Maximum security as there is the possibility of using multiple perimeter locks
•Possibility of electrostatic painting in any RAL shade, special woodgrain designs and other surface treatment methods – anodizing

• Single leaf opening / tilting windows
• Single leaf opening / tilting balcony doors
•Double leaf opening / tilting windows
• Double leaf opening / tilting balcony doors
• Complex constructions, fixed with hinged

Thermal insulation, EN 10077-2 2.4-2.55 W / m2K

Fixed frame (minimum depth) 60 mm
Leaf frame (minimum depth) 67.5 mm
Min. height – Fixed frame and sheet 69 mm
Glazing thickness 24 mm to 26 mm
Max. sheet width (mm) x sheet height (mm) 1600 x 1800
Sheet width (mm) x Max. sheet height (mm) 950 x 2300
Max. leaf weight (kg) 140 kg