Product Description

The new series of ETEM aluminum door panels is an ideal combination of aesthetics and quality. ETEM door panels are available in different series, depending on their design: the traditional pressed, the modern classics and the INOX series.

ETEM door panels are made of high quality aluminum sheets and with the application of the most modern technologies in order to achieve durability and timelessness.

Traditional pressed panels. A full range of models designed to meet everyday needs at an affordable cost.

Modern classic panels. A series of aluminum door panels designed to offer the aesthetic appearance of modern classic architecture. In combination with reinforced aluminum sheets, 1.2 mm and 1.4 mm thick, the classic series offers a high aesthetic result with quality and durability.

INOX design. Following the recent and modern trends of architectural design, ETEM offers INOX door panels. With the use of new graphics made of INOX sheets, the specific panels are harmoniously combined with the new trends.