''Saving at home'' Program

It is a co-financed Program that provides incentives to citizens to improve the energy efficiency of their home, saving money and increasing its value.
Eligible housing is the detached house, the apartment building as a whole building and the individual apartment thet meets the following criteria :
• Used as a residence.
• It has a building permit.
• It has been classified based on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in a category lower or equal to D.
• Not deemed as demolishable 
Only individuals have the right to participate in the Program:
• They have the right of ownership (full or partial) or usufruct in an eligible residence.

• Meet the income criteria of the categories of the following table (Table 1).

ΚατηγορίαΑτομικό ΕισόδημαΟικογενειακό ΕισόδημαΒασικό Ποσοστό ΕπιχορήγησηςΑύξηση Επιχορήγησης ανά προστατευόμενο μέλοςΜέγιστο ποσοστό επιχορήγησης
1Έως 10.000Έως 20.00060%5%70%
2>10.000 έως 15.000>20.000 έως 25.00050%5%70%
3>15.000 έως 20.000>25.000 έως 30.00040%5%70%
4>20.000 έως 25.000>30.000 έως 35.00035%5%70%
5>25.000 έως 30.000>35.000 έως 40.00030%5%50%
6>30.000 έως 35.000>40.000 έως 45.00025%5%50%
7>35.000 έως 40.000>45.000 έως 50.0000%0%0%