Schüco AWS 75.SI + – Highly Thermal Insulating, Durable And For General Use

Product Description

The Schüco AWS 75.SI (Super Insulation) window thermal insulation system introduces a new thermal insulation standard for aluminum windows with an average value of Uf 1.4 W / (m2K) – without compromising on comfort and design. The narrow facade backs ensure maximum transparency, which guarantees that your living and working space is bright and flooded with light.

  • Excellent thermal insulation: Uf values ​​of 1.2 W / (m2K)
  • Maximum operating comfort with different types of opening
  • Harmonious appearance thanks to the narrow face widths (17 mm)

Energy costs continue to rise – there is nothing you can do about it. However, you can do something to stop the energy consumption from rising sharply. Have you already checked the insulation of your home? In particular, windows that have been installed for more than 20 years often show losses. A significant part of the cost can be saved through effective insulation. Up to 80 percent with Schüco windows – thanks to the latest technology.

Schüco windows stand out not only for their progressive functionality but also for their home comfort and visual appearance. Discover our complete collection of accessories and handles and be inspired by the wide variety of colors.

Higher quality requirements and a wide variety of advantages

High degree of stability, energy efficiency, increase in value, variety of surface finishes, close projection of the frame, smooth operation, minimal maintenance and long life. Create quality of life with aluminum windows – for a lifetime.

Fully weather resistant
Increased property value
High degree of transparency

The potential for savings is huge.Do not compromise on the issue of insulation of your home. Schüco windows guarantee you maximum energy efficiency. This ensures significantly lower heating costs. You can make further savings with targeted ventilation. And here, Schüco has the right solution.

Maximum insulation values

With Uf-Values ​​from 0.8 to 1.6 W / (m2K, Schüco windows achieve maximum thermal insulation values. with foam, optimized center gasket and a new type of thermal insulation in the glass lining.

You can save:
For a family home with an area of ​​143.8 m2 and a window area of ​​26.4 m2, which was built around 1980, with the Schüco AWS 90.SI +, savings of 51 kWh / (m2a) or 730 liters of heating oil per year. Consumption of 730 liters less oil reduces CO2 emissions by two tons per year. This corresponds to a journey of about 10,000 km by car or CO2 with a volume of 1250 m3.

Personalized for your own home
Visible personality at first glance Windows from Schüco systems combine functionality with timeless design. Intelligent technology in a harmonious interaction with a variety of shape and color options. To give each building a clear style: your own. Schüco windows represent innovation, quality and flexibility. The various materials of aluminum, PVC-U and steel can be combined with a whole range of shapes, colors and design elements. Give colorful tones to your home. We offer a wide range of design options for our windows. Different color coatings can be used depending on the frame material.

Freedom of design
The range of Schüco design handles for windows and doors allows for the uniform design of the exterior and interior of buildings.

Uniform design line in the category of handles for windows, front doors and sliding doors.
The mechanical and electronic opening units are easy to operate
Exclusive and high quality appearance with functional design.

Full automation with SCHÜCO
Increased comfort in the home thanks to the automation of buildings. Pressing a button is enough to open and close windows. And just a look to check that everything is closed. Schüco building technology provides a wide range of possible solutions for private homes. The Schüco system allows the electronic opening and closing through window monitoring, natural and automatic ventilation, as well as the electric function of solar shading and anti-glare protection.

Benefits for users:

Increased well-being through a pleasant atmosphere
Affordable energy cost savings
Extra safety and comfort

Closing the windows is now effortless. As soon as the weather becomes bad, the weather sensor automatically closes all the windows. Even large, heavy-duty sliding units can be opened and closed at the touch of a button. The Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart system also sets new standards for concealed actuator technology. When integrated into the building automation system, the range of moving components with very quiet operation meets a wide range of requirements in terms of energy efficiency, convenience and safety for residential projects.

Risks are simply ruled out
Above all, the sense of security is for the certainty that you are well protected – from the wind and weather, but also from burglars.
Schüco systems, hidden but very effective, ensure security. Ultimately, increased burglary protection should not lead to compromises on appearance. In this way, Schüco aluminum windows with “AvanTec SimplySmart” interior mounting provide a high level of basic protection that can be increased to resistance class 3 (RC3) with the help of additional locking points. The handles with built-in lock as well as the hidden magnetic contacts Schüco make it possible to monitor the closure with a confirmation function when leaving the house.