Schüco Sliding System ASS 70 PD

Product Description

Schüco Sliding System ASS 70 PD

The frond of this heat-insulated door can be folded very easily inwards or outwards and to the right or left. Rolling is almost silent on the pulley carriers and is secured to the driver up and down. The individual units are simply foldable in a small space and pushed sideways – fast and compact. This creates the ideal connection between the interior and the exterior.

Aluminum – ideal solutions

Aluminum doors for sliding and folding operation create spaces that flood with light and attractive views as well as give touches to the environment. The slim design allows for new ideas for spacious spaces with improved living standards. All folding / sliding constructions are impressively smooth and easy to use. This makes them ideal for home use in private homes.

Lightweight material
Narrow facade width
Maximum sound insulation


In winter, the cold stays outside. In summer, the heat. The sliding doors from Schüco are thermally insulated to the model of the passive house and therefore create an interior atmosphere that is always pleasant. For a clear conscience when heating your home. For low costs in air conditioning at high outdoor temperatures. In short: for responsible use of energy.

Saving energy does not only mean contributing to climate protection. In addition it saves money. In view of the growing energy costs, this is in the interest of every customer.

Sliding and folding sliding doors must meet the high demands on thermal insulation – especially if large constructions are required. This creates a high level of comfort in your home while maintaining a stable, pleasant atmosphere in the space. It also saves valuable energy and avoids high costs. And this happens not only on cold days but also in summer. Thus, the heat remains outside and the cost of air conditioning can therefore be significantly reduced.

Optimal comfort and huge energy savings – the perfect combination.


Visible personality at first glance. Schüco gives you the opportunity to combine the form, function, color and technology of your sliding doors as you wish – and then blend them harmoniously with your windows. In this way, each building has clear characteristics: your own.


Schüco sliding door systems offer perfect functionality and the various opening options offer special design possibilities:

  • Sliding doors
  • Soaring sliding doors
  • Tilt / sliding units
  • Folding sliding doors

Thanks to the large selection of colors and cross-sections, the sliding constructions can be perfectly adapted to the architecture of the house or the patio, both inside and out. This creates a harmonious overall look and striking visual touches.


A door is required that can simply be pushed to one side when necessary and create large openings up to two-thirds of the unit width. Schüco sliding doors operate almost silently on a stainless steel guide to prevent corrosion.

All sliding units move on a single level, with no protruding opening in the room. The range of installation ideas is significantly greater thanks to Schüco sliding doors. It is possible to combine up to six cards depending on the requirements.

Sliding units are also an ideal solution for separating interiors, while maintaining flexibility and transparency. The variety of colors is so great that it guarantees that you will find the right color for the space.


It’s amazing how easy it is to move a sliding door through an aluminum cross-section. When closed, the door is completely waterproof, providing excellent thermal insulation and noise reduction, while it is resistant to burglary, properties that ensure your personal safety. Soaring sliding doors can be opened to one side or the middle. With triple guide large opening widths are allowed and therefore flexibility for large glass constructions, e.g. on a patio.


The ideal combination of sliding door and swing / tilt window is practical and simple to operate. For ventilation reasons it is possible to tilt and at the same time to open the whole surface with the sliding sheet. Sloping / sliding openings provide optimal protection from the weather.


Integrated glass surfaces can be opened almost completely with folding sliding doors from Schüco. The individual units are simply foldable in a small space and pushed sideways – fast and compact. There are two options available depending on the area of ​​use:

Highly insulated folding sliding doors for outdoor use

The sheets of this heat-insulated door can be folded very easily inwards or outwards and to the right or left. Rolling is done almost silently on the pulley carriers. They are guided safely to the top and bottom. This creates the ideal connection between the interior and the exterior.

Non-insulating folding sliding doors for interior use

The non-insulated folding sliding door is the ideal choice in areas where no additional thermal insulation is required. The door system can be fully opened to expand living and office spaces.


When it comes to sliding door and window systems, there are no limits to the choice of colors.

Cross-sectional surfaces can be designed in different colors inside and out to meet personal requirements. Your Schüco partner will be happy to give you personal advice on this.

Increased comfort in the home thanks to building automation. Your little finger is all you need to open or close large doors. With just one glance you can check that all the doors are closed. And a call to a Schüco partner is all you need to further enhance your quality of life with Schüco sliding systems.

The smoother the operation of the sliding doors, the easier they are to use and the faster they become a way of life. To this end, we have developed e-slide technology.
Using this technology, sheets weighing up to 250 kg or units measuring 3 x 3 meters can be lifted fully automatically, very quietly and quickly. Children, the elderly and people with disabilities will appreciate this. The automatic electronic sliding function (e-slide) works with a keyboard on the sheet, with a switch mounted on the wall or centrally, if it is integrated in the building management system.
Does this seem complicated to you? It is so easy that operating errors almost never occur.
The Schüco e-slide is fully automatic for sliding installations and mounting sliding installations. Thanks to smart software, the e-slide actuator has built-in finger trap protection.

The automatic building inspection file is a matter with a great future. Many functions such as ventilation, climate control, shading, safety and power generation must be combined to optimize energy consumption. This is achieved with automatic opening and closing systems that control the natural ventilation cycles as well as shading systems that depend on daylight and sunlight, which are ideally combined with indoor lighting, heating and air conditioning.
The centrally controlled windows and doors can be used, on the one hand, for energy production and, on the other hand, for the ventilation of the building at night through the controlled opening of the windows.
It is a stated goal of Schüco that all active elements of the shell in a building should be networked electronically and controlled automatically. This allows the full energy efficiency potential of the building shell to be utilized.

Sliding doors from Schüco meet almost every requirement in terms of functionality, comfort and design – and at the same time meet high security requirements.

An essential advantage is the high stability of the aluminum cross-section material, which helps to increase the resistance to breakage. Depending on the components of the sliding door system used, it is possible to classify burglary resistance up to strength class 2 (RC2).

A suitable safety system is also available for electric sliding units: the Schüco e-Slide system has reliable protection against finger traps based on smart software. This ensures that the leaf returns immediately in the opposite direction as soon as it encounters an obstacle such as a person or object. Any such obstruction can be detected even through an optional infrared sensor as soon as it comes at a certain distance from the system.


In case you just want to make sure twice: on request, Schüco offers comprehensive opening and closing monitoring with confirmation function for electronic lock controls when leaving home.

In addition, this monitoring system also has an interface that can be integrated into building automation and can also be combined with alarm systems. This way, you can adjust the increased security for your home and family.