Product Description

The main entrance security doors available by Aperto Group are equipped with advanced security mechanisms and are proved through a wide variety of designs and colors in traditional or modern style, so you can choose the one that suits your space. They combine unique benefits:

High Security:

The security of the door is an important criterion for its selection. The exclusive panels are made with external aluminum sheet 3mm thick and internal 2mm. They are made with quadruple and triple glazing and triplex 4+4mm on both sides, while there is also the optional choice for iron sheet inside the panel.  

Top Design:

The exclusive panels are distinguished for their high aesthetics and are characterized by their linear and at the same time modern design. They are offered in a wide variety of designs as well as in colors, windows and accessories, while most of the models are simply…Exclusive! The combination of built-in inox, glass and engraved lines add a modern touch to the entrance of your home.

Certified Quality:

The exclusive panels are certified by the international quality assurance standard ISO 9001:2008 and have thermal insulation certifications from Rosenheim Institute. The excellent quality materials we use as well as the strict technical specifications that we have set for the construction of Detural panels result in perfect quality. 

Thermal insulation:

The exclusive panels offer an excellent level of thermal insulation certified by Rosenheim Institute. The total thickness of the panel in combination with the good quality of the monolithic material and the triple or quadruple energy windows reduce the coefficient of thermal permeability up to Up=0.35 W/(m²K). .