Product description

System accessories are used to customize our aluminum systems, including corners or couplings, additional insulation materials, tires and more.

Corners contribute to the stability of a position. The connectors join the T-shaped profiles to the frame or sheet.

The rubber gaskets contribute to the waterproofing and sound insulation of aluminum systems.

ETEM uses high quality tires and couplings developed by our design department, while the extrusion of the respective aluminum profiles takes place in our factory.

Additional insulating materials are placed between the polyamides before assembling the unit and provide excellent thermal insulation.  



The connection angles for all aluminum systems, with the exception of E75 and E68, are suitable for the use of an angle grinder or for mechanical connections. 

The E75 and E68 systems should only be manufactured using ETEM angles and glue.

The central tires for ETEM Premium systems are produced with double extrusion (the technology used mainly in the automotive industry).